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Here are the footsteps of AKEI.

  • ㆍThe 69th Board of Directors and the 2020 extraordinary general meeting

    ㆍNew Year's greeting, a war industry

    ㆍThe 66th Board of Directors and the 2020 General Assembly
  • ㆍThe 65th Board of Directors and the 2019 General Assembly

    ㆍoffice relocation

    ㆍHold the Exhibition Convention and Exhibition Week

    ㆍ3rd Five-Year Development Plan for Exhibition Industry (Operated by Ministry of Industry)

    ㆍHold Asia Exhibition and Convention Forum

    ㆍAkei homepage renewal

    ㆍThe 63rd Board of Directors and the 2019 General Assembly
  • ㆍOnline registration application for showroom registrations in 2019

    ㆍPublish Korean Design Yearbook

    ㆍEnactment of Business Convention with the American Association of Exhibit Association
  • ㆍPromoting an online registration system for showrooms (15 showrooms nationwide,
       790 partner companies)

    ㆍEnactment of Business Convention for Small Business Market Promotion Corporation

    ㆍForeign missions in Korea held a briefing session

    ㆍHolding the 14th Asia Exhibition Forum
  • ㆍKorea Exhibition Industry Promotion Association - Signed a cooperation agreement with Naver Co., Ltd.
       for domestic exhibition information

    ㆍPromoted the online registration system of exhibition hall (registered 13 exhibition halls and 552 partner
       companies in Korea)

    ㆍDesignated as a statistics producing agency of exhibition industry (National Statistical Office)

    ㆍApproved a statistical survey on the status of exhibition industry (National Statistical Office)

    ㆍHosted the 13th Asia Exhibition Forum
  • ㆍAct on the Development of Exhibition Industry revised

    ㆍStarted Exhibition industry mutual growth Committee

    ㆍThe 12nd Asia Exhibition Forum held

    ㆍAFECA general assembly held

    ㆍSelected as an education training center for raising Professional Exhibition human resources by Ministry
       of Employment and Labor

    ㆍRelocated to Samsung-Dong and opened Education center
  • ㆍThe 11st Asia Exhibition Forum held

    ㆍExhibition Internship program authorized of Employment and Labor conducted
  • ㆍThe 80 th UFI world general assembly held

    ㆍThe 10 th Asia Exhibition Forum held
  • ㆍStudies on Exhibition industry in Foreign countries development policy

    ㆍOperating a training center for Professional Exhibition human resources

    ㆍInterpretation service resources development center for domestic exhibitions

    ㆍThe 9 th Korea International Exhibition Forum held
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