International cooperation

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International cooperation

International cooperation

Guide of Korea Exhibition Convention Industry Week

Held the Asia Exhibition Convention Forum

Name of Event
  • Asia Exhibition & Convention Forum
Holding period
  • Once a year (held since 2004)
  • Provide networking opportunities with the best experts in the exhibition industry and differentiated content such as sharing the latest trends, concrete examples and know-how related to the exhibition industry

Support for foreign buyers

  • Business Contents
    • Co-promotion of domestic exhibitions in China region
    • Excavating and attracting Chinese buyers
    • Arranging business matching for buyers and exhibitors
    • Operate industrial inspection program for buyers
  • Supporting target
    • Non-governmental support certification exhibition


Step Detailed Contents Subject
1. Estabtdshing Business Planning Estabtdshing Business Planning Association
2. Recruitment of Supporting Exhibition Announcing recruitment of sponsorship organization of supporting exhibition and apptdcation reception Subject organ, Association
3. Selection of supporting exhibition Selection committee holding and selection of supporting exhibition Association
4. Estabtdsh overseas marketing strategy Information sharing and business consultation between the promotion association and subject of performance Subject organ, Association
5. Exhibition promotion marketing On and off-tdne promotion activities of overseas exhibition Association
6. Buyer excavation Obtain potential buyer tdst Association
7. Buyer confirmation Select inviting buyers after screening for buyer conformity Subject organ, Association
8. Attracting buyers Prepare and support for visiting Korea of confirmed buyers Association
9. Operation of exhibition Operate buyer programs such as business matching and industry inspections Subject organ, Association
10. Post management Survey of performance measurement, confirmation of export contract amount Association

Collaboration with the international corps

Business Contents

  • Interacting with an officials of the global exhibition industry and understanding the latest trends in the global exhibition industry and promoting internationalization of the domestic exhibition industry through participating in events related to overseas organizations
  • Events scheduled to participate in 2017
Hosting organization Name of event Hosting organization Hosting country, city Promotion activity plan
UFI UFI Asian open seminar 02.23-24 Singapore Present status of Korea's exhibition industry and participating the association committee meeting etc.
UFI UFI Regular meeting 11.01-04 Sandton, South Africa Expanding the network of global corporations and announcing cooperation. Participating Asia chapter meeting
AFECA AFECA Regular meeting In July Undefined Attending board of director presentation of Chinese marketing business in domestic exhibition

Major Partners

International Exhibition Association (UFI)
  • Year of Establishment: 1925
  • Headquarters: Paris, France
  • Main Executive: Andreas Gruchow, President of UFI (Deutsche Messe, Germany)
  • Main Executive: Kai Hattendorf, UFI Secretary General (Germany)
  • Membership: 717 companies (84 countries)
  • Number of companies in Korea: 22
  • ※ Significant matter
  • Obtained UFI certification exhibition. 35 domestic exhibitions * 948 worldwide
  • 2007 UFI Asia Open Seminar, 'UFI Annual General Meeting held in Seoul in
2013 Asian Federation of Exhibition Convention Associations (AFECA)
  • Year of Establishment: 2005
  • Headquarters: Singapore, Taiwan Office
  • Main Executive: Mr. Walter Yeh, President of AFECA (TITRA, TECA, Taiwan)
  • Main Executive: ※ As of 2017. 3, of Hong-Kyu Lee of AKEI is acting as Chairman and director of AFECA
  • Number of Member Companies:130 companies
  • Korea member companies: 8 companies
  • ※ Significant matter
2005 AFECA Annual General Meeting held in Seoul American Exhibition Association (IAEE)
  • Year of Establishment: 1928
  • Headquarter: Dallas, USA
  • Main Executive: David DuBois, President of IAEE
  • Number of Member Companies: 1,200 companies
  • Korea member companies: Korea Exhibition Industry Promotion Association, Coex. EXCO etc
  • ※ Significant matter
  • Training AKEI, Certified in Exhibition Management (CEM)

Invitation of Overseas Embassies in Korea

  • Domestic exhibition organizers will participate in the exhibition to promote exhibitions of our company and domestic exhibition business, such as attracting related organization of exhibition, overseas buyers and foreign exhibitors, through 1: 1 individual consultation of foreign missions in Korea
  • Holding a publicity briefing for domestic exhibitions for a commercial agent of diplomatic office in Korea
    • Date / Time: '3. 10, 2017 (Fri) / Four Seasons Hotel, Seoul
    • Participants and numbers: About 100 people including and a commercial agent of diplomatic office in Korea and sponsors of certified exhibitions
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